Cottage Weekend Getaway “What’s In My Bag”

Guess what this weekend is……. LONG WEEKEND bitches!!!Extra long for me since I took today off! This weekend is our firs trip to the cottage this year and I can’t wait! Although, we aren’t planning on staying the entire weekend it will be so nice to just get away and relax. My boyfriend and his family have … More Cottage Weekend Getaway “What’s In My Bag”

Tuna Apple Bites

Super easy and quick healthy recipe for the nice warmer days ahead! As I mentioned in my last post, which seems like forever ago. I’ve been watching what I eat and trying to be more healthy. I eat a ton of salads for lunch, like A LOT of salad and needed a salad break. I … More Tuna Apple Bites

Taco Potato Crisp

For all the taco lovers, who, like me, are also trying to be healthier… This recipe is amazing! It’s a great appetizer idea for parties or even a quick dinner. This literally takes no time at all and is super easy to make. For the Potato Crisp 2 Sweet potatoes 1 tablespoons olive oil fine-grain … More Taco Potato Crisp