Make Your Narrow Hallways Look Bigger

I think one of the most difficult design challenges is figuring out what to do with a hallway, especially if it’s narrow and dark. Working with a space lacking in square footage can feel hopeless buttttt there are some easy fixes you can do to transform a narrow hallway into a warm, light, and inviting space.

  1. Mirrors

When it comes to broadening your visual space, reflective surfaces are definitely your friend. Consider adding one large mirror or a handful of small ones to the center of the hallway to expand your sight lines.

hallway mirror


2. Lighting

Lighting can make or break any room, but especially a narrow hallway. Generally, the more light there is, the bigger a space looks, so use it with abandon.

hallway lighting

3. Paint

Paint the walls in your hallway a light colour to keep it feeling open and bright. But don’t think you’re stuck with white — any light color will do, especially if the paint itself offers a hint of sheen to reflect all of the light we just mentioned.

hallway paint

4. Cubbies

If you have a narrow entryway and need more space for shoes, hats, and bags, add a wall of cubby holes. Opt for one that’s narrow in width and broad in height to give the illusion of more space while providing ample storage opportunities.


5. Coloured Trims

In addition to your wall colour, the colour of trim you choose can also open up your space. Choose a colour with tones that complement the wall to add a compelling layer of depth to your design.

coloured trim

6. Artwork

Artwork can also broaden your visual space, but only if executed correctly. Art on both sides of the hallway will make your walls appear closer together. Instead, stick to one side to maximize your space potential.

hallway artwork

7. Invest in a Runner

A long runner through the center of the hallway will give the appearance of a longer, more expansive space by giving the area its own boundary. Opt for one with light and bright colours to make the most of this trick.


8. Tall & minimal Furniture

If you want the appearance of a wide open hallway, then it’s important not to have bulky furniture obstructing the visual flow. For a surface that will house keys and mail, invest in a console with tall legs and a minimal design to let your visuals flow freely.

hallway furniture


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