Get The Designer Finish – Renovations On A Budget

Let’s be real, no renovation is ever really cheap. And the problem people have with cheaper alternatives is that they often look and feel exactly that – cheap. So you really need to think outside the box and be ready to put in some elbow grease in order to spruce up the place and give it a designer finish without breaking the bank. I wanted to share with you a few ways you can achieve these sometimes daunting projects.

Mix Old and New!

 If there’s one styling and decor trick I always rely on it’s mixing old and new. Whether it’s furniture, surfaces or lighting, the key to a more ‘design-y’ finish is one with a few unexpected elements.

Hand Paint Your Cabinets!

One shitty thing is that most off the rack cabinets used in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms is that they most often come in basic stock colours. So why not use some of that elbow grease and paint them yourself.


Change Your Cabinet Handles!

There are so many fun and gorgeous cabinet handles on the market, so why not swap out more simple ones with something a bit more fun? Try wooden ones, brass metal, or even black matte ones.

Choose Wood Over Laminate!

When it comes to bench tops, the cheapest option is going to be laminate, but it’s worth it to stump up the cost for wooden bench tops. They come in a range of styles and will make it feel expensive and if you ever feel like change you can always paint it.

Use Matching Metal Fixtures! 

I know there’s a lot of debate about mixing metals but to me, keeping the metal tones in your space the same will give it a more streamlines feel.


When In Doubt Add Cushions!

Cushions always makes a space look more complete. So many store sell cute and inexpensive cushions that will bring a design finish to your space.

throw pillows


What are some of your renovation tips?


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