How To Decorate With Fake Plants

I like to call myself “the plant filler” wether it’s at home or at the office any plant under my responsibility dies… Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love plants and the brightness they bring to a room, but I just can’t be trusted with their lives. Which is why fake plants are the way to go. Ok, yes some are really tacky but you can find some really nice ones and like any other plants they need some attention. Here are some of my tips and tricks for decorating with fake plants.


  1. Choose Realistic Ones

There are good fakes, and there are bad ones. Make sure you get the ones that are similar to the real thing. If you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on fake plants, you’re going to want them to look legit. Personally, I think the best way is to compare the two, working out what type of plant the fake one is and researching what a real one would look like. Know that the better fake plants are going to cost more than the ones that aren’t as great. It’s worth it though!

2. Consider Placement

When in doubt, place your fake plants up high or where it’s unlikely people will get a close look. Placement of fakes is everything. If you’re worried the ones you have don’t look as real as you would like, you can stick to putting them in places where people don’t spend lots of time looking at them.

3. Mix it up

Use both real and fake plants in your space. And by real I mean the ones that are almost impossible to kill. One way to make your fakes plants appear more life like is to mix them in with real ones. In a living room, for example, you could have a real fiddle leaf fig and then have a bunch of drapey vines on your book shelves that aren’t real. Mixing it up works wonders to add greenery without as much effort.


4. Upgrade the Planter

Another way to give your fakes more life is to re-home them in a nice planter. Ditch the cheap looking planter or plastic pot and use a basket or terracotta pot instead. Consider adding dirt on top and some nice pebbles to complete the look.

5. Remember to maintain

Give your plants a regular clean. Just because your plant isn’t real it doesn’t mean you can just forget about it completely. Because nothing screams more sad fake than when your plant is covered in dust. Give your leaves and nice wash or wipe every two weeks!



Do you have fake plants in your home ? What are you tips and tricks?


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