The KonMari Method – Best Tips From The Marie Kondo Series On Netflix

Before I start talking about the KonMari Method, if you haven’t heard about it, you need to grab some snacks, a glass of wine, get comfy and watch the Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, NOW!!!!!! It’s been on Netflix since New Years day and I don’t know why I waited so long to watch it. It seems I’m not the only one who was bitten by the KonMari Method bug, people all over social media are posting on how this show has inspired them to throw out items that no longer “sparked joy” in their lives. It was surprising to me the amount of items I had that no longer sparked joy…

What is The KonMari Method?

Instead of organizing and cleaning room by room, the KonMari Method allows you to tidy up your home with intention. Kondo has created 5 categories to begin your organizing journey:

  1. Clothes
  2. Books
  3. Papers/Documents
  4. Komono (misc items)
  5. Sentimental items

One of the most important things Kondo stresses is to follow this order. Following these steps will allow you to stay one track and not get to overwhelmed.

The Best Tips

Remember to follow the order above, but keep all the below tips in mind when organizing your home. This method is not here to force you to eliminate everything you own, but to allow yourself to examine what you truly want to bring with you into the future. Soon enough, everything in your home will spark joy and make you feel happy and whole.



  • Before you go through your clothes, place every single clothing item you have onto your bed. This will allow you to see exactly how much clothing you have and help you get rid of what no longer sparks joy.


  • When folding any clothing item, aim for a small rectangle. Fold sleeves in first, leave a little bit of room at the bottom, and then, fold into thirds.


  • Use the “bag-in-bag” method for your purses and bags. Putting a bag inside another bag will allow you to have more space on your shelves. Just make sure the handles are upright so you know which bag is where.


  • Fold ankle socks in half and long socks in thirds. Place all of them together in a box or in a drawer in an upright position so you can see every pair you own. Avoid folding a pair of socks into a ball — this can stretch the elastic and ruin them.


  • If you have a shoe rack, place heavier shoes at the bottom and lighter shoes on top. Then arrange them by color to keep everything organized.


  • Each person should have a designated closet space, which means shared closets should be separate by personal items of the person, not by the items themselves. Plus, each person should be responsible for their own space.


  • Fold soft bras halfway, hide the straps and place on top of each other. Cupped bras should be neatly placed on top of one another to ensure they keep their shape.



  • Before you get rid of any books, make sure to tap on them to wake up them, since they’ve been stashed away. This trick can help you find your joy with each book much easier.


  • When selecting your books (or any item), ask yourself if this is a book you’d like to bring with you into the future.


  • Organize books by size or color and place back onto the bookshelf or on top of a coffee table.




  • Gather every single paper you can find and place them on a table.


  • Papers should be organized into three categories: pending, important, and miscellaneous.


  • Purge and thank all the papers that no longer serve you. Thank you, Next!


  • Organize your papers into boxes that fall into the three categories and keep them all in one place.


Komono (miscellaneous items)


  • Keep electronics in boxes so you can see everything at once. Separate the wires by putting them into smaller boxes so they’re not stacked on top of one another.


  • Keep similar stacks together and place into boxes. Categorize by food item so you know exactly where everything is located in your pantry and cabinets.


  • Don’t place Christmas and holiday items in trash bags. Store them in a clear container so you can see every item you have.


  • Organize the items in your garage with large, clear bins and keep all the items upright so you can visually see the quantity of everything you have.


Sentimental Items

  • Be respectful of your sentimental items. This category is usually the hardest to go through. Show gratitude for every item you get rid of by thanking it.


  • Go through every single photo you have and ask if it sparks joy. If you have similar photos, find out which one sparks the most joy.


  • Before you store your photos, figure out the dates of when the photos were taken and organized by time.


  • Store photos in a box keep them in photo albums that can be placed on a coffee table or on a bookshelf.


  • If this category becomes too overwhelming, change the air by opening a window or lighting a candle. Or take the time to step away and start over again the next day. You don’t have to finish everything in one day — that’s the beauty of the KonMari Method.


Who’s gonna go home purge tonight ?


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