5 Decor Trends We Are Welcoming In 2019

New Year only means fresh start, for everything from your wardrobe to your diet to your home’s design. If redecorating or simply decorating a new space for the first time is on your list of resolutions for 2019, it’s helpful to know what the latest home decor trends you should get excited about for this year, and which ones you might want to leave behind in 2018 — at least for a little while.

Colourful Spaces

2018 was the year of  the minimalist, neutral colour palettes. Don’t get me wrong, white and neutral will always a good and smart choice but now is your chance to jump into richly-coloured spaces — and I don’t just mean bright primary colours. Expect to see dark-hued walls, jewel-toned furniture, and fun pops of colour in unexpected decor accents.


Mustard Yellow

Time to pass the Mustard!! Mustard yellow has quickly become the hot new colour — and I’m loving it. Ranging from an almost olive-meets-chartreuse yellow to nearly gold. It can pass off as a neutral in a more muted form, and as an accent color, it pairs well with other hues — from pale blue and lavender to burgundy and hunter green. Not to mention, it’s gender-neutral and can work in both modern and more traditional spaces.


Vintage-Inspired Lighting

It’s the year to embrace unique, vintage-inspired light fixtures that will still draw attention, but instead be unexpected. Milk glass fixtures featuring the classic white-colored glass are back in a big way and make for brilliant pendants or wall sconces. If you like the airiness that came with many industrial light fixtures, consider switching the black metal for brass or chrome for a fresh look. Bringing in texture via woven shades and wooden elements is another way to add another layer of interest to your space.



Matte Black

We saw a lot of matte black this year in fashion and beauty trends, and now you can expect to see it moving into your homes as a new neutral. It adds a stylish contrast in the form of lighting, seating, etc. In fact, you can plan on seeing a lot of matte finishes in general this year.


Discovering Your Own Personal Style

This year, I challenge you to challenge your newsfeed by looking for new designers and accounts that embody a different style from what you’re comfortable with and used to seeing. Swear by Scandinavian-style minimalism? All-White everything? Add some bold colour to your feed. Crave traditional, neutral furnishings? Try following someone with contemporary style. You never know what sort of realization about your personal taste you might come to by widening your inspiration sources.



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