Last minute – Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

The holidays seem to always sneak up on us, and with only 2 weeks left decorating can be a daunting task. I’ve rounded up my favourite decor ideas that will bring warmth and cheer in a simple and affortable way!!


















Adding greenery will instantly create a sense of warmth and coziness in any room by softening shelving or a mantle.




If you want to create warmth in a space but don’t love the look of bold holiday-themed textiles, instead opt for throw pillows in more neutral colours and soft tones. Whites, greys, plaid and beiges can be used year-round and rich textures like faux fur and velvet elevate any room for the holidays.




Lanterns can be utilized inside or on your front steps for understated holiday decorating. Fill them with ornaments or firewood, or use a single candle in each for the perfect minimalistic look.


Ornament Bowl


If you’re like me and have accumulated too many ornaments,  use a bowl or tray as a catchall for those beautiful baubles. Traditional round ornaments are affordable and easy to coordinate to a color palette or aesthetic for your room.


Plaid accents


Plaid always gives you that feeling of sitting around a fireplace in a cozy cabin. You can utilize the fabric in table settings, pillows, and stockings to keep coloring simple while still incorporating a holiday aesthetic.


Hang a wreath


An easy (and quite festive) addition is to hang a wreath from your window. You can use the hook to loop the ribbon around or hang it from your curtain rod. It will instantly become the focal point of the room.

What are your favourite Holiday Decor ideas?


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