Summer Date Night Ideas

At this point in the summer, your ideas for dates with your significant other – or maybe even with your besties – might have dried up. You’ve seen the blockbuster movies, you’ve gone to the same restaurants and you’ve stayed inside one night too many. But have no fear friends, I am here to save you! Here’s a list of fun, different dates and activities you can do to throw a curve ball into your boring routine.


Get an outdoor massage together

Plan a spontaneous road trip somewhere

Watch the sunset on the hood of a car

Go spend the day at the beach

Watch fireworks

Cuddle up at a campfire

Go to the drive-in

Attend a music festival

Go play mini-golf

Have a sunset picnic

Go boating or sailing for a day

Rent a kayak or stand up paddleboard

Attend a sporting event

Enjoy dinner and drinks on a patio

Attend a food truck festival

Have a BBQ cookoff

Visit a farmer’s market

Go on a hike

Go camping

Hit up an ice cream truck

Pack a lunch and go for a bike ride

Visit a museum on a rainy day

Host a garage sale


What are your fun date night ideas?


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