My Top Tips For Packing

I’m getting ready to leave for South Carolina in just a couple weeks so I thought I would write a quick post sharing my best packing tips as well as some vacation essentials. You all know that over packing is really easy – do you really need 3 outfits per day when you’re going to spend most of your time in a bathing suit lying on a beach?

ANYWAYS let’s get to the packing tips! There are a few tried and true strategies I’ve discovered over the years that are extremely helpful – not only to save space in your suitcase but also to ensure you have everything you need!

Layers are key

No matter what, I always pack a wide variety of different items so that I can layer according to the weather. Even in warmer places it can always be cooler at night so it’s important to pack accordingly. For South Carolina I’ll bring my favorite denim jacket and a few lightweight sweaters!

72269098689be7ff56083bbcd43c4c4dPack outfits, not items

Instead of throwing a bunch of tops and bottoms in your suitcase, lay your clothing out by outfits! Accessories, shoes, everything. This tip right here is a LIFE SAVER. It’s also quite a huge time-saver once you’re actually on your trip, because you won’t have to think much about what to wear! The worst feeling is when you get to your destination with a full suitcase but feel like you have nothing to wear, because none of it goes together quite right. So remember, think outfits not items!

Roll your clothes

If you roll your clothes instead of folding, you’ll be able to fit sooo much more and cut down on the wrinkles! I’ll typically just fold an item in half, roll it up, and stack it in my suitcase. I also separate by type of clothing. It’s all about what works for you!

Don’t procrastinate

Seriously! This is probably my #1 tip and there are a few reasons why. First of all, packing the day of or even the night before your trip can add unnecessary stress and take the fun out of traveling. And, it’s likely that you’ll end up forgetting something if you’re scrambling to get everything together. It gives you the time to go through the things you have set out and remove any unnecessary items that you’ve selected – like that pair of shorts you’ve owned for 2 years and never worn. Packing ahead of time also allows you to see what you might still need to buy before your trip. Wait ’til the last second and you might not have time to get it!

One thought on “My Top Tips For Packing

  1. Awesome tips!

    I always look at the forecast before hand too. And since I know I over pack – and typically go for function over fashion – I do an initial pull of clothing 3-4 days before and go over it at least twice before packing to remove or replace items!


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