How To Decorate The Space Above Your Bed

If your bedroom is feeling bare and empty, then the open space above your bed might need a little love and attention. I’m sharing our favorite ways to fill this area and make your bedroom look and feel more complete.


A gallery wall is a no-brainer if you’ve got a huge space to fill. They instantly create depth and visual interest without being overbearing. Play with the size and orientation of the pieces and organize them in whatever pattern works for you. Fill it with your favorite artwork, photos of your pets or loved ones, paintings you’ve collected in your travels, or photos you’ve taken of your favourite places. This adds a bit of YOU to your spac.


Artwork is a good idea for pretty much any open space, above your bed is no exception. You can play around with size depending on how much open space is available. If you have little height, but a lot of width you can play with long horizontal artwork, and vice versa.

Hanging a pair of same-sized artwork side by side has the same effect as a larger piece while creating additional visual dimension.


Create dimension and play with layers by using decorative objects like hanging banners, tapestries, shelving, lights, pendants, and horns. It’s the easiest way to show off your character and personality in your space while giving you an opportunity to display your favourite trinkets.


Mirrors have a way of bringing light into a space while opening it up and making it feel larger. It also anchors the space when centered above the bed, making everything feel balanced. The size, style and orientation of the mirror can give the room the exact feel you’re looking for.


What decor is over your bed?


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