The Most Popular Home Trends For 2018 – According to Pinterest

Every year Pinterest releases a report of home trends on the rise and let me tell you, 2018 is definitely seeing a look that feels fresh, modern, and respectful of classic aesthetics.

From bold colours to spaces dedicated to self-care, I’m definitely digging what the year has in store! Keep reading to stay on top on the trends 😉


Wool Furniture


Looking to add some texture to your home? Wool furniture will definitely add coziness to your space!


Leather Furniture


From sofas to accents, leather is another great mainstay for warmth in your home.


Fringe Furniture


Boho fans, this one is for you and don’t worry, fringe isn’t going anywhere!



Upcycled Furniture


Whether you want to give a flea market find a modern update or an heirloom a unique touch, many pinners are searching for ways to upcycletheir furniture.




Red is on the rise! Say goodbye to muted pastels. Trends are going bold with popular hues that love to stand out!


Dark Blue


One of my favourite trends! Moody dark blue!  When mixed with modern pieces, can give your home a timeless yet fresh feel.


Hunter Green


Love this trendy hue that can look amazing in any room from kitchen to nursery!


Statement Rugs


Adding a rug with plenty of personality to a room will for sure give your space an extra pop.


Black kitchen sinks


Going back to black! Giving a room a cool minimalist vibe!


Geometric tiles


Tiles with modern shapes will always stand out!


Gold Accents


Need some new hardware in your home? Go Gold !


Tropical Wallpaper


Another on of my favourites! Palm and banana leaf prints on walls started popping up a few years ago and are definitely here to stay. It’s a great trendy way to let your walls pack a (tropical) punch.


Cement Tiles


Cement tile. Not only does it give your room a solid base, but there are endless beautiful designs to style your space.


Concrete Flooring


Another way to give your pad a sleek look is with trendy concrete floors. Just mix in cozy rugs and warm natural materials for a modern look.


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