Ways to bring Hygge into your home

With just about a month left of winter, you might be needing some extra motivation for the next few weeks before Spring arrives. What the F*** is hygge you might ask? Since there is no direct translation for this Danish word pronounced “hoo gah”, explaining it is tricky. It is more of a feeling, it is simply the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, friends, family, and graciousness. It’s all about mindfulness and being in the moment. There are many ways to embrace the Danish way of living – and why wouldn’t we want to when Denmark is also known to be the happiest on earth! So, it makes sense that Danes embrace hygge to help them through the long, dark winters in Denmark. Hygge helps us find comfort and happiness in the little things, regardless of where we live or what season it is.  One of the biggest parts of hygge is the home! Here are ways to bring a little hygge into your home




  1. Incorporate more light

Because they are surrounded in darkness for much of the winter, the Danes take their lighting very seriously. Hyggelig homes draw in as much natural light as possible, also carefully select the right lamps. Choosing light bulbs that are lower in temperature will bring coziness to the room.




  1. Bring Nature in

Just like us here in Canada, the Danes don’t have much green outdoors through the winter months. Don’t be afraid to bring some greenery inside to lighten and brighten up your space. Same goes for wooden objects, furniture, floors etc, which all help us feel closer to nature. Bring nature in!


  1. Create a hyggekrog

Their hyggekrog is what we would call our nook. A space where they can be at peace, relax and curl up with a blanket. Add pillows and throws making it as cozy as possible, try to spend a moment in this space every day to disconnect.


  1. Fireplace

Nothing screams cozy more than a fireplace in the winter months. Making the hearth the focal point will bring hygge to your home year round. The ultimate hygge sanctuary.



  1. Candlelight

When Danes are asked what they most associate with hygge, the vast majority will say candles. The glow of candles creates the perfect atmosphere, lifting the spirits and casting warm light on a winter evening. It’s truly amazing how much my mood can change when I light some candles. Whether you like scented or unscented it really changes the whole atmosphere in the room


  1. Add some texture

Surrounding yourself with soft, warm textures will instantly warm you. Throw on your wool socks and oversized sweaters, grab a chunky blanket, and pile up some fur pillows on your couch. Create an environment that you never want to leave!


Will you be adding Hygge ways to your home?


One thought on “Ways to bring Hygge into your home

  1. Oh yes, I already did! Thank you for your post! i added Hygge to my home! Although not a real fireplace, we did buy a wall mounted one and that is my hyggekrog! Your post also reminded me that it is important even if it’s brief everyday to find that hyggerkog and let go and recharge! xoxo


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