Valentine’s Day Date Ideas – If you don’t want to leave the house

Oh Valentine’s Day… You either love it or hate it. Trying to plan the perfect date can be stressfull. Finding the best restaurant and making reservations can be a bitch, so I say, Stay home people! Just because Hallmark’s holiday adds some unnecessary pressure into our love lives, doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some clever date ideas for Valentines Day that include staying in the comfort of your own home.

Bring your favourite restaurant home

As I mentioned, finding a restaurant on Valentine’s that doesn’t have a huge wait is nearly impossible, if you haven’t made reservations your pretty much screwed and who thinks of Valentine’s day months in advance. Order take out from your favourite place and create a cute setup at home.

Cook dinner together

Come up with a meal that both of you will enjoy and cook it together while drinking some vino !!

Movie night

Get the popcorn ready, get cozy under your favoruite blanket, light some candles and watch your favourite Valentine’s day movie a.k.a the chick flick  the girl will pick to watch cause women always get their way ;).  Few movie ideas:

-Something borrowed

-The best of me

-Dear John

-The Notebook

-Fifty Shades of Grey (this will def set the mood)

-The Vow

Indoor Picnic

If you live where winter is always unpredictable like me, going out for dinner isn’t always motivating. Set up blankets on your livingroom floor, grab plates, wine glasses, bread, fruit, cheese and make the best of it!

Recreate your first date at home

Even if your first date wasn’t at home, it’s always fun to be creative and recreate the first time you went out together.


What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?


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