How To Save Money During The Holidays

Well people…I guess it’s time to talk Holidays! Is it just me or is everything Christmas making an appearance really early this year? I swear the day after Halloween, There were Christmas movies on TV. I love the Holidays but I found that a little early! With that said seeing Christmas commercials and decorations everywhere I can help but start thinking about the Holidays myself and how my bank account will look Jan 1st… And I’m not just talking about gifts for people – the amount of food, decorations, parties, all the fun things that go into the holidays usually cost a lot of money, and it’s definitely a season of excessive overspending – in my opinion! So, I put together a list of tips to help you save money over the Holidays!


I think the first step to saving me money this Holiday is to create a budget- a Holiday specific budget! Since we spend so much more during Nov and Dec, it makes sense to create a budget just for this time of year! Make a list of everything you MUST buy, including bills etc, and how much you’ll make over the Holidays and voila! If you hate budgeting like me, pour yourself a glass of wine, listen to Christmas music and get to town on the budget. Heck, if it’s your style, put together a boss spreadsheet with colours and formulas.

DIY Decorations/Gifts

If you’re like me and LOVE Christmas decorations, you’ll know that sh** gets expensive. So, get creative, go on Pinterest and find DIY decorations that will save you hundreds. Same goes for gifts and gift wrapping, make your loved ones something special they will love. Last Christmas, I made DIY body scrubs and homemade spice mixes, my sisters still tell me how much they loved their gifts and how they found them so useful!

Secret Santa

We do this with my family, Secret Santa is so much more affordable than buying gifts for everyone. We have a $100 limit but the limit can be whatever you and your family decide. This is also something I do with my group of friends, best way to save money when you have so many parties over the Holidays! The fun thing is you can also get creative and pick themes for the gift exchange!

Don’t shop for yourself

No matter how hard it is to resist, don’t shop for yourself. Wait until after the Holidays when everything is on sale and you’ve received gift cards! It’s so hard to not buy yourself something while you’re shopping for others but I swear this will save you so much in the end! If you find things you absolutely need, you can always add them to your wish list.

What are some things you do to save money during the Holidays?




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