Fitness Journey -Staying Motivated

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is far from easy trust me… 95% of people fall off the wagon cause honestly it truly is a bitch to stay motivated. If it was easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? I’m not pro at this whole health and fitness thing but here are a few things I try and remind myself to stay motivated.

Remember your “WHY”

Why did you start this journey in the first place? Each and everyone of us started for a reason. Maybe it was to lose weight, get stronger, or simply feel happier and healthier. Whatever the reason it’s a good enough reason and don’t forget to keep telling yourself that.


Find Inspiration

You can find inspiration in friends, magazines, YouTube videos, Instagram account etc. There are so many different forms of inspiration but always remember to stay true to yourself.



Set some goals

Setting goals and achieving them is somehow one of the best feelings, which then inspires you to keep going and set new goals. There’s also nothing wrong setting numerous goals, you can even set new goals each week. For example:

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • Walk or Run 10K
  • Bench 20 Lbs Dumbbells
  • Fit in an old pair of jeans


Find foods and physical activities you love

I hate running, believe me I’ve tried it, outside, on a treadmill and we are just not meant to be running and I. So instead of pushing myself and ending up hating life I find things I enjoy, walking, yoga, pilates etc. It’s kind of like finding a boy you have to test a few out before finding the one!

Same with food, don’t eat shit that looks pretty but tastes nasty to you. There are plenty of healthy food out there to choose from. And if one day you are craving and Oreo, eat the god damn Oreo, it won’t kill you, it’s all about moderation.


Believe and love yourself

In the end if you don’t Believe in yourself and love yourself, none of this shit will matter.


How do you guys stay motivated?



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