10 Things To Do On Sunday For A Productive Week

I don’t know about you guys but Sunday always ends up being my most productive day of the week. I mean, it never starts early but I always end the day with so much accomplished. I used to have lazy Sundays and come Monday I always felt like nothing was organised. Laying in bed is amazing but starting the week knowing what the hell your doing is even better. I now believe in order to have a productive week, you have to do a bit of planning and preparation ahead of time.

1.Write down your weekly To Do List – I love lists

2.Organise your work essentials

3.Clean the house

4.Do your laundry – wash your sheets

5.Organise your desk/workspace

6.Catch up on emails/school work

7.Plan out your meals for the week – or meal prep

8.Plan out your workouts

9.Decide on your weekly priorities

10.Take time to pamper yourself – paint your nails, do a face mask!

What do Sundays look like for you?


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