AMAZING – Chicken Salad

Here I am once again with a delicious as F*** recipe. I know I say this in almost every recipe I post but what can I say, I love food and all this healthy stuff is actually delicious.

chicken salad 2.png

6 oz. Cubed Chicken Breast

1c. plain Greek yogurt (I also use vegenaise and it tastes just as good)

1/2c. Sliced Celery

1/2c. Small Cubed Apple Pieces

1/2c. Red Grapes

2/3c. Chopped Pecans

1/4c. Sliced Red Onions

Salt + Pepper

Mix all together and BAM!

chicken salad 1.png

This recipe is fast, easy to make, healthy and so yummy!

You can eat it just like thatpexels or top it on a bed of greens, whatever your little hearts desire.

What are some of your easy and healthy recipes for Summer?


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