Monthly Goals – June Edition

Happy June Friends! Summer is almost officially here! And if your in the Ottawa and surroundings  like me your probably wondering where the F*** the sun is… I feel as though Mother Nature is teasing us a bit by giving us one beautiful sunny day followed by a couple of rainy shitty days.. Anyways..Now that a new month has begun, I have a new list of goals I want to achieve.

  • Get my hair done – I have a few events lined up this summer
  • Catch up on school work – this can be so challenging after a days work, I don’t want to be in front of the computer any longer
  • Start taking morning walks before starting my day – With my back always being so sore, it feels nice to start the day with a little physical activity
  • Plant all my flowers – I’ve done some but with all the rain we have been getting I already have a couple I will have to replant …BOO Mother Nature
  • Create more fun Summer content for my blog


Do you have any goals for the month?