My health and Fitness Journey – 3 months in


Back in March, I made the very hard decision of going healthy, changing my eating habits, becoming more active and most of all working hard on changing my mind set. And well, today I’m pleased to say that I have been sticking to it and feel amazing! I’ve seen a huge difference in my energy level, I wake up happy and a lot less tired. I can’t say I’ve officially lost weight since I haven’t weighed myself but I can definitely say I feel better in my skin,  whether it’s because I did lose some of that unwanted fat or simply because I’m healthier and happier! With my back injury still killing my vibe, my fitness routine is not at the best it could be, but it’s definitely more present than it has ever been. Truth is… it was never present who am I kidding. I’m still not willing or interested in hitting the gym so I mostly do everything from home. I will either start or end my day with a nice long walk with my dog. I’ve also been following the Tone it Up girls and their bikini series, doing some of the exercises. All of this to say, when they say that it only takes 21 days to create a new habit, they are right. I’ve listed a few of my new ( not always easy) habits that have made a huge difference for me in my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

1.Drink more water

2.Don’t diet, just make healthier choices- life is about moderation

3.Only keep healthy snacks in your pantry – find healthy food you genuinely love

4.Have breakfast every morning

5.Take it slow with workouts- Listen to your body

6.Create a routine that will make your mornings more productive

7.Prepare a weekly meal schedule on Sunday + making a To Do List

8.Eat at least one serving of veggies with every meal

9.Be positive- you won’t see change the next day

10.Buy cute workout clothes

What are your habits to stay healthy and fit ?




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