Cottage Weekend Getaway “What’s In My Bag”

Guess what this weekend is……. LONG WEEKEND bitches!!!Extra long for me since I took today off!

This weekend is our firs trip to the cottage this year and I can’t wait! Although, we aren’t planning on staying the entire weekend it will be so nice to just get away and relax. My boyfriend and his family have a nice cottage over looking a super cute lake on the Quebec side. It’s a private lake, no boats are allowed so we don’t get much traffic which is always nice. I don’t have to worry about any waves when i’m paddle boarding :). As much as I love swimming, I don’t think it’s warm enough yet for me to go in for a dip :(.

I’ll be sure to take lot’s of photos and share them with you guys! But before getting this weekend started let’s check out what’s in my bag of cottage essentials!

Before starting to pack I always try to have an idea of all the activities we are going to be doing to pack accordingly. Good thing “cottaging”is mostly to relax, enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun! So what do I need?


 Jeans+shorts+sweat pants+tops+hoodies+sleepwear




I would normally bring like 5 but probs not gonna swim this weekend


Deodorant+toothbrush+dry shampoo+sunscreen+makeup(the bare minimum)


Phone+earphones+camera+wall charger


Book+deck of cards

What do you guys pack for a cottage weekend getaway?


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