4 Summer Decor Ideas

After all the rain we’ve had in Ottawa, today is the first day that feels like summer is finally on it’s way!! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, my tulips are out but my legs are still way too pale to go out in shorts LOL!

Summer is definitely the most stress free season. Although work around the house never stops, there’s nothing like coming home to a flower filled front yard, waking up and falling asleep with the windows open and spending hours outside with friends. The activities in the summer are endless, as well as sprucing up your home decor and adding a few little touches of summer. It doesn’t have to be much, sometimes just adding fresh flowers and light colours to your decor can make all the difference while being super easy and affordable. So here we go, let’s chat about ways to add a little Summer decor around your house.


I’m guilty of using the table as my work space most of the time or I eat while sitting on the couch, but when a table is all dressed up and looks as pretty as the ones below, who wouldn’t want to eat every meal here. This is also perfect if you want to step up you hostess game!

No need to spend a hole lot, grab a couple tulips from your neighbours yard -best done at night, buy one or two mason jars and voila, your table is Summer ready!



Looking at the photos below makes me want to paint my mantel sooooo bad. Lately I’ve been so obsessed with everything white; it just makes everything simple and bright. Once again, simple vases filled with fresh coloured greens or fake greenery (let’s be honest, fresh is hard to care for sometimes), and little pieces that add character to the space. For fun and cute pieces I find the best places are Bouclair homes or Ikea.



Entryways are probably my favourite thing to dream about on Pinterest and yet mine is as plain as can be… but not for long. These images below have given me so many ideas!What I love the most about an entry way with a console table or bench, is that you can always dress it up depending on the season. It’s the first thing people see when they walk into your home so why not spruce it up?



Decorating your front steps s is great because everyone can see it and you get to enjoy it every time you come home. First thing I do when the snow is gone is place a cute doormat and then once the nice weather comes, I add plants and flowers. I love the idea of the little lanterns and I’ve seen a lot in the stores for pretty cheap!


Ok! now I’m so ready to start making some changes to my house for summer! Are you guys decorating for Summer? If so what are you doing?!!!


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