5 Don’ts Of Hair Care

I’m the worst when it come to taking good care of my hair, a.k.a half of the don’ts listed below are do’s for me… So I’ve teamed up with my hairdresser ( when I don’t colour my own hair) and long time friend to talk about her top 5 DON’Ts when it comes to taking good care of your lovely locks.
1- Never cut your own bangs, EVER!
We’ve all been there, outgrown bangs, so tempting to just take the scissors to them a little bit. I can’t even count the number of clients that do this and instantly regret it! Most hairdressers can squeeze you in for a quick bang trim, so next time you’re tempted, just call them!
2- Do not attempt going from dark to light.
It is a tricky process that can easily damage your hair. Most hairdressers will do this in more then one step, especially if there is boxed dye on the hair. It is very common that people attempt this and either ‘fry’ their hair or it turns all kinds of colours. So, ladies, seek professional help please!
3- Clarifying Shampoos
If you use a lot of styling products, you should use a clarifying shampoo to remove product build up on the hair. Once every two weeks should do the trick.
4- No drugstore colours!
The peroxide used in boxed dyes is more then double than most women need, therefor drying out the hair quite a bit. On top of that, your hairdresser understands the science behind your hair, whereas you only see the colour that you like on a box, not considering your hair pigments or if there could be a chemical reaction.
5- Do not wash your hair everyday
A lot of women will tell me that their hair is too greasy not to wash everyday; sorry to say that you made it that way! The scalp produces oil that the hair needs, but by washing everyday the scalp must produce most to ensure that the oil makes it to the entire hair shaft. My recommendation is to try to skip a day, or two, or three. Start by doing it on the weekend when you know you have no plans, your scalp will adjust to your new wash routine.
Thank you  Vanessa for your  wonderful tips! Looks like I need to change my hair routine 😉

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