Spring Clean Your Closet

Spring is around the corner guys and I’m soooooo excited!! Unfortunately with Spring comes spring cleaning. Even though I dread the daily tasks coming my way, I do love de-cluttering and having a sparkly clean home!

What better place to start than with you closet? Time to make room for your Spring and Summer wardrobe. It’s time to get rid of clothing that you haven’t worn in a while and that is simply taking up space.

Whether you have a walking closet or a smaller space, it doesn’t matter cause you make the most out of any space with these few tips.

1.Organize in a way that works for you

Organize by what type of item it is, by season, or by color, just group things together that make it easy to find and put them away.  If you need more organizing space to keep things grouped separately, buy some boxes or plastic containers that match and fold items neatly into these so you can easily see what is stacked in each container.

2. Purchase the right hangers

Get rid of all those crappy hangers. Pick a style of hanger and make every one match in your closet. This will create consistency and organization not to mention make it pretty. And ladies don’t hang your skirts on just any hanger, buy some skirt hangers they truly are a life saver for wrinkles.

3. Hang at the right Height

Prioritize! Don’t hang your favourite pieces where they can’t easily be reached and don’t hang things to low for clothing to drag on the floor and get dirty.


4. Treat it like a room

There’s nothing wrong with making your closet look pretty! If you have some gorgeous heels or hand bags, put them front and center to see them every time you open your closet! If jewelry or hats are your thing show case them in trays or on the back wall of your closet. Don’t hold back, add some frames or whatever will make you feel good getting dressed every morning.

I hope these tips will help you when the time comes to Spring clean your closet. And remember, the beauty is truly in the details of any room, even a room often forgotten like your closet.

What are your Spring cleaning tips for your closet?


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