Valentine’s Day Date Night At Home

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is tomorrow?!! Some of you are super excited and take this Holiday to a whole other level while some of you just boycott this day all together. I guess I would say I am in between, I don’t go all out but I also don’t ignore the fact that it’s Valentine’s day, it is a Holiday after all. I like to take advantage and make a nice home cooked meal maybe even wear something a little more sexy.

It kind of sucks that Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year but you can still have a good evening even if you stay home. I’ve made a list of at home date night ideas for tomorrow.

The number one rule for your at home date night tomorrow is to STAY OFF YOUR PHONE!!!!

Watch a movie , what’s better than cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie? Ladies, this is your day to talk them into watching a chick flick 😉

Trade massages , grab some candles and some candles and get to rubbing

Play a game , board games are always fun. Our favourite is playing online games such as family feud

Go for a walk

Take a bath, add some candles and wine maybe even a little music

Have a nice meal, try a new recipe and cook it together (clothing optional). This will definitely be my Valentine’s Day activity. My man and I have decided to recreate our first official date. He had cooked for me what is now one of my favourite meals. Though I will most likely be cooking tomorrow, as he no longer feels the need to impress me ;), a nice home cooked meal followed by a nice dessert with lots of chocolate is my all time favourite.

What will you and your lover be doing this Valentines?



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