Are You Emotionally Intelligent?…

Who else is obsessed with this season of the Bachelor? And last night’s episode… OH MAN!! The catfight between Taylor and Corine was pretty intense and quite useless but I have to say I was on Corine’s side for this one, how annoying was Taylor… These two have gots to goooo, they are both way to immature for Nick!


How cute are Rachel and Nick on their first one on one date? Their chemistry is undeniable and for someone who was nervous, you really couldn’t tell! Those moves, gurlllllllll! I have to say, Nick had some pretty good movement of the hips as well ;). Can you imagine what Corine would say if she knew about their date LOL? I can’t wait to see where their relationship takes them, I think these two would make a great couple.


I think I would have taken shoveling cow shit over the haunted house date… Ouija board.. NO THANK YOU.. Chandeliers crashing to the ground.. Count me out!


OH LORD.. The two on one date.. Awkwarddddd. I can’t even imagine how awful that day must have been for all 3 of them. The tension was so thick you could literally cut it with a knife. I was really hoping he would send both home but Corine ended up with the flower and the look on Taylor’s face….Ultimate resting bitch face. But wait, it isn’t over Taylor comes back and interrupts the end of their date.. Girl has balls! What will happen next week? They made it seem like he is sending both home…how amazing would that be but I find it hard to believe.


My favourite Corine quotes from last night:

“Bye Bitch, see you never”

“OMG, I’m in the jungle”

“Make America Corine again”

“Big mean swamp monster”

“Is intelligency a word?”


What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?…





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