Horse People Problems

 Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself as a horse person, “why in the hell did I get involved with these animals in the first place”?

If it wasn’t for them most of us would be 10 times richer, we wouldn’t have to constantly explain ourselves to our partners why we spend more time at the barn than with them, and we would probably have a way more exciting social life… And these are just a few problems we face as horse people. But man oh man, do we ever love them to pieces. God forbid something was to happen to them.

I have the privilege to work in the horse industry and have work colleagues who love horses just as much as I do! Funny thing is, we spend most of our days bitching about how poor we are. How we’d LOVE to go out for a nice lunch but board is due — or we haven’t finished paying off our vet bills– or maybe, just maybe, that little brat decided to rip his blanket for the 3rd time this month and we have to go buy a new one…. How many people would pay over $200 for a piece of material to keep their animal warm on those cold winter days, creatures that grow hair just for these cold days and survive in the wild without a nice expensive blanket? The amount of times that we pass up a nice shirt or the perfect pair of shoes to pay for our horse’s $300 shoes? The few non-horsey people at the office look at us like we are aliens from a different planet. YES, we are a different breed but probably the funnest, best-looking breed out there! Just sayin’!

Ok! Ladies, how hard is it for us horse girls to find a partner that will understand our passion and actually want to stick around? And how many times have you heard the line, “I’ve heard horse girls are crazy,” when talking to a new guy? Bitch, please! You can look like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, but if you’re not ok with my life style I’ll have to say “BYEEEEEE” After a few trial and errors, ok fine, a lot of trial and errors, I found the perfect guy. He might not be Magic Mike but he’s perfect for me, and guess what? He loves my horses and how I’m so passionate about them. I won’t lie, he does look at me like I’m crazy when I talk to him about how much I spend on them and talking budget is never a fun activity. But maybe he just stays ‘cause I look like Scarlett Johansson. JK! There are still some good guys out there for our breed, ladies!

Do we even have a social life? How many times have you passed up going out with friends on a Friday night ‘cause you’re at the barn late getting ready for a show the next morning? Probably every Friday night of the summer! Your friends think you suck but if you can end the weekend with a couple ribbons and some prize money you’re happy! Rescheduling plans or having to bail because your horse got hurt or your lesson was rescheduled is something that happens on the daily. We might have lost friends throughout the years ‘cause they don’t understand why you can’t go out every weekend.We love you friends ❤ but we love our 4 legged friends a little more!

We have so many more #horsepoepleproblems but the list would go on forever. All problems aside I don’t think we would change any of them for the world. How lucky are we to spend our days with creatures who make us feel simply amazing. They are the best at cuddling, they listen to all our problems and never judge, they are the best shoulders to cry on and always find ways to make us smile on a bad day. NOT TO MENTION FINDING A PERFECT DISTANCE TO A JUMP FEELS PRETTY DAMN DELIGHTFUL! What would we do with all that money anyways right? (Show!!) What more would we do on Friday nights? We’d get bored, people, real bored! So let’s embrace our breed of crazy and be poor together.

What problems do you face being a horse person?



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