Holiday Traditions

Another Christmas over, another year of traditions in the books! Holiday traditions are some of my favourite things in the world! From old traditions to making new one I just love everything about them! Today, I’m sharing some of my favourite traditions my family does every year!


  1. A few years ago we started a traditional gift exchange. On Thanksgiving weekend, we sit down and pick names, the fun part is that we added a theme to the whole process. We come up with themes and then draw…We ALWAYS end up drawing our least favourite one. But the fun part is trying to guess who picked you cause my mom gives us all the same wrapping paper to wrap our exchange gifts in!


  1. Matching pajamas! Every year my sisters and I, our partners and the kids get matching pj’s. Which means we open our gift wearing our matching pajamas from the year before.


  1. On Christmas Eve, my family and I always have a fondue dinner accompanied by my mom’s famous Cesar salad and delicious garlic shrimp. This exact meal had been a Christmas Eve tradition for as long as I can remember.


  1. Once dinner is over, which is never before 9-9:30pm we start opening gifts. It is very important to take turn and watch everyone open their gifts one by one! Opening our gifts take us hours, we are 11 including my sisters, their kids, our partners and parents which greatly extends our unwrapping time, especially when you have one sister who shakes the gift, tries to guess what the gifts is, and take 10 min to unwrap it LOL.


  1. We finish the off the night with our stockings, and when I say finish off the night I mean it’s pretty much morning by the time we finish opening our gifts and its time for the stockings. Going through our stockings is probably everyone’s favourite part of the night. My dad collects gifts all year for our stocking, we have things from every trip he has been on – candy, chocolates, beauty products for the girls, toys for the kids and manly things for the guys, kidding, they get toys too!!



Ok, I’m dying to hear what your family traditions are for the Holidays, leave a comment below!


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