5 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix



I think the past few weeks have been hard on most of us, with the early cold front and all the snow hitting us before the Holidays. I’m pretty sure we all wish we were in Florida right about now! But what better way to hide from the cold than to bundle up on the couch next to the fireplace with a nice big cup of hot cocoa watching your favourite shows. Here are my top pics for the moment to binge-watch on Netflix!



An oldie but goodie!! Nothing can brighten up your day quite like a few hours of Friends. If you’ve only seen episodes here and there, trust me, watch all the seasons beginning to end! It’s so so good!!!!


Who doesn’t love some good country music with a little bit of Nashville drama? Good looking cowboys and amazing characters that you will some days want to hate and others just love, pretty much everything to get you hooked.

Gilmore Girls

I have to admit, I was never a fan of the show back in the day. But recently when I started watching from the beginning, I just couldn’t stop. I love the mother-daughter bond between Rory and Lorelei and would quite frankly move to Stars Hollow in a heartbeat. Having just finished the newest season in only ONE evening I am crossing my fingers there’s more coming!


This sexy-but-smart show just keeps you wanting more… of Harvey, that is! What is hotter than a lawyer in a suit? Ok, I clearly have a thing for Harvey but it’s truly a great show with so much drama and never ending suspense.

The Mindy Project

1.I want her closet. 2. I want to be her friend! Ridiculously funny, it will have you laughing to tears after just one episode. If you haven’t watched this one yet, take an evening and get started, you’ll be hooked!!

What are you favourite shows to watch on Netflix?

One thought on “5 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix

  1. Great blog! Right now I’m watching Gilmore Girls. I loved it back in the day so I’m super loving it now!

    The other show I’m loving is Breaking Bad. An oldie but a good one!


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