My Favourite Essie Colours For The Holiday Season

For those of you who don’t know me, I am OBSESSED with Essie nail polish! I always have my nails painted and go as far as changing the colour a couple of times a week. There is nothing quite like the perfect nail colour to complete your outfit!

Here are my top 4 must-haves for this holiday season:

untitled (2).png

First up is Bahama Mama, definitely my go- to colour for this time of year. A beautiful berry colour that depending on how many layers you apply, you can really change the intensity of the shade which is the best part!

What are the holidays without a little red? A list, is what I  like what I call Christmas red! I always have a hard time finding the perfect red shade, this one is not too orangy nor leaning on the pink side.

Next, The Perfect Cover Up, a really unique green shade that I feel is great for the holidays. Green isn’t a colour most people will lean towards but trust me this one is worth a drive to the store 🙂

My last must-have Essie for the Holidays is A Cut Above. I love using this one as a top coat on only one or two nails. It really completes the look! New Year’s Eve must-have!!!

What is your favourite colour for the Holidays?


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Essie Colours For The Holiday Season

    1. My next colour I’m trying is The Perfect Cover Up. I hope my nail lady had this colour! One of my favorite reds is the A List! Thanks for sharing this Sis, it’s so much fun!!

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